Sea Devil

Sea Devil
from Doctor Who story 'The Sea Devils'
Made from Air Drying Clay
Classic Series Starring Jon Pertwee
Size: 15cms
Notes:Made April 2006


Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3 Stage 4

Clay at base use stiff plastic to provide support for models long neck.

Build up neck section create shoulders
Start to shape head section.
Rough shape head, insert eyes using marbles shape beak. neck wrapped to prevent dry out to soon.
Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 8
Keep improving shape and add eyelids and begin to add details.A Sea Devil is born! (note colour change is due to not using Flash ) .
Add Wires to form the support for the frill on the Sea Devil, wrap clay around each rod then put thin sheet of clay as the membrane to the frill.
Frill is created add spines to ends and give it rough texture.
View from above showing arrangement of Sea Devil's frill.
Stage 9 Stage 10 Stage 11
Other side is made
View from front detailing added
Painted Model 'Vest' to be added
Side view of Painted Model
Front View